Siena (SI) - Piazza del Campo

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County: Toscana

Province: Siena

Category: Town

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This webcam is installed in the town of Siena, in Tuscany. The webcam’s image takes up the famous Piazza del Campo with the Palazzo Pubblico and the Torre del Mangia. The Palazzo Comunale, which is clearly visible on the right, was built between 1297 and 1310 and is now the seat of the Municipality of Siena and the Civic Museum: inside, it preserves valuable works from the golden period of Sienese art. The civic tower of the Palazzo is among the highest Italian towers (88 meters), rising, despite being on a lower ground, at the same height as the bell tower of the Cathedral of Siena; this is not a coincidence but a very specific project bearing a symbolic value, to signify the perfect harmony and balance between terrestrial and celestial power. Every year in the summer, the acclaimed Palio di Siena, a horse competition between the districts of this beautiful village, takes place in the main Square of Piazza del Campo.