Fancy hosting a Webcam?

You may also want to publish your webcam on “Paesaggi Digitali” - Digital Landscapes and reach potential clients and amateurs from all over the world.

You may choose among 4 different publishing solutions:
- Periodic publication of live images
- Live streaming in Full HD at high Bitrate
- Live streaming in 2K high Bitrate
- Live streaming in 4K high Bitrate

Installation is extremely simple thanks to Plug and Play technology and POE power supply allowing you to use a single cable connected to the small and discreet webcam.

Our offer also includes:
- Transfer of the webcam on loan is guaranteed for a minimum of 3 years
- Presence of your logo/brand printed on the webcam image
- A dedicated space on the portal
- Use of images or streaming flow on your website
- A dedicated banner space 610x1075 px on your page
- Unlimited users connected simultaneously
- Choice of webcam color (White or Black)

The package includes:
- Webcam
- POE Power Supply
- Pole support with accessories where required
- N°1 ethernet Cable on request 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 meters cat.6a
- N°1 ethernet Cable 5 meters cat.6a
- N°1 ethernet Cable 1 meters cat.6a
- Accessories

For any further information regarding our offers, feel free to contact us directly via email on or through the contact form on our contact page contatti


Every day thousands of webcams all over the world transmit suggestive panoramic views of lakes, parks, seaside resorts, squares, monuments: images representing all the wonders that nature, history and architecture generously make available to humanity. Statistics show that the pages populated by webcams are among the most consulted ones by users, testifying to their appreciation and to the ever-growing attention of all users towards this engaging form of communication. In fact, it is very common, especially among young people, to choose a holiday preferred location by simply consulting our webcam’s network. The first impact is fundamental: a webcam must be able to arise emotions, offering that unique sensation that a person has when looking out of his own window, a breath of fresh air, a connection between the observer’s private world and the constantly evolving magical universe outside!


Commercial activities, tour operators and various administrations will find in Paesaggi Digitali - Digital Landscapes the ideal tool to promote themselves and reach their proposed target in the fastest and most engaging way. In fact, the above companies may include different sizes dedicated banners of their activity or banners related to their website or social page directly onto the pages of our webcams. “Paesaggi Digitali” - Digital Landscapes means primarily Communication because Images do "speak" and "tell" of places, natural beauty, traditions, history and culture: all aspects aimed at attracting world tourism, thus helping companies obtain greater visibility on the global market.








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